In Baptism, a person is sealed by the Holy Spirit, given identity as a member of the church, welcomed to the Lord’s Table, and set apart for a life of Christian service. It is the responsibility of the entire congregation to nurture those who are baptized. When baptized as a child, the time shall come when they understand, and are ready to be received as active members in the church. They will reaffirm the vows taken at baptism by professing their faith in Jesus Christ, renouncing evil and affirming their reliance on God’s grace, and declaring their intention to participate actively and responsibly in the mission of the church.

Whom do I call? To setup a Baptism, or to find out information on Baptisms at OPC, please contact the church office at 407-656-4452.
Where do I meet prior to the baptism? You should arrive early enough to be sure all of your party is together, then you may proceed to the front of the main seating area in the sanctuary, on the right side directly in front of the Baptismal Font.

How many guests may I bring? There is usually plenty of room in the front of the church for family and friends.
Who stands with the person to be baptized? The parents and siblings accompany a child to be baptized, while adults may be accompanied by their spouse, children and parents.

What about godparents? Godparents play an important part in helping to raise your children, and they may be seated with the family members in the reserved seating. The Certificate of Baptism has a place at the bottom for godparents to sign, signifying their spiritual connection to your child on this important day.
What does my child wear on the day of baptism? Usually children wear white or pastel colors. This is a holy moment for your family, and white is most appropriate. A baptism gown is always a good choice for babies, however older children and adults should dress as they would for church.

What happens after the baptism? You may join your family and guests in the front rows reserved for you, or take your child to the nursery and come back to the service.
What about photos? Your family may discretely take photos during the baptism, but we ask that they refrain from flash photography as the baptism is a part of our worship service.

Other information: If you have never been baptized, we would encourage you to make that commitment on the day we baptize your child.